SAKRET BK FOAM 0°C / Foam adhesive for fixing insulation boards

Ready for use polyurethane adhesive for fixation (fastening) of foam polystyrene plates on facades and foundations.


  • Powerful adhesion of polystyrene heat panels (XPS and EPS).
  • Instant adhesion and wall plugging within two hours.
  • More economical. Ready to use in aerosol can.
  • Up to 9 m2 heat insulation panel adhesion for each can.
  • Minimum expansion during drying period.
  • After dried, no further expansion and shrinkage.
  • A lighter material compared to plaster, alternative material, used in heat insulation systems.
  • No more extra burden or weight to building.
  • High yield up to 45 litres, depending on the humidity and temperature.
  • Fire Class: E (According to EN 13501-1. It refers to B2 for DIN 4102).
  • Usable at low temperature like 0°C
  • It does not contain any propellant gases which are harmful to the ozone layer.


  • Polyurethane adhesive for fixation of polystyrene plates (EPS, XPS) on new buildings and renovated buildings as well as for fixation and insulation of other materials. Best for mounting heat insulation panels and filling voids during adhesive application.
  • For fixation of foam polystyrene plates on external walls and plinths as well as filling of joints in between foam polystyrene plates.
  • Can be used in SAKRET heat insulation system’s modernisation (SanReMo) – heat insulation on heat insulation, if heat steadiness improvement is needed. SAKRET BK-Foam can be used for material adhesion to the following surfaces: mineral foundations (concrete, ceramic bricks, blocks, masonry etc.), foam polystyrene (EPS, XPS), mineral wool, wood, OSB plates, gyps cardboard, bitumen dispersion hydro insulation, galvanized metal and aluminium plates.
  • Applications needed minimum expansion.


  • Put on protective gloves. Shake balloon carefully (10-12 sec.), holding exhaust valve downwards. Connect aerosol balloon with foam pistol. During work keep holding exhaust valve downwards.
  • Before adhesion of foam polystyrene plates on external walls of the building, it is necessary to mount SAKRET aluminium plinth edge or alternative plinth profile ALB-EB-PVC-20
  • In thermal insulation system 2-3 cm wide BK-Foam adhesive bars shall be applied on insulation plate, parallel to all edges of the plate (3 cm from the edge) and one adhesive bar in the middle of the plate, parallel to the longest edge (distance between adhesive bars ~25 cm).
  • Insulating foundations of a building five vertical, 2-3 cm wide adhesive bars shall be applied parallel to the plate’s shortest edge, observing 2-3 cm distance from the edge of the plate.
  • In insulation of basement ceiling or balcony ceiling use support until adhesive has fully hardened.
  • After adhesive is applied, within 5 minutes the plate must be put to the wall, pushed a little, using long trapeze ruler.
  • The level of the foam polystyrene plate’s surface can be adjusted within 15 minutes. In case work is carried out in unfavourable weather conditions (strong wind or rainfall), SAKRET protective mesh SN90 or film must be used obligatory on operating platform.

Technical data:

  • Usage temperature from 0°C till +30°C.
  • Balloon’s temperature during work 0°C till +30°C, optimal can temp. +20°C.
Storage period: 12 month
Tack free time (1ck width) 6 +/- 2 min
Cutting time (1 cm width) 20-45 min
Cure-Time 24 hours
Foam color Light pink
Adhesion to EPS 0.033  N/mm²
Adhesion to XPS 0.039  N/mm²
Density 22 +/- 3 kg/m3
Fire class of cured foam B2, E (DIN 4102 – 1) (EN 135-1-1)
Volume increase 5%
Compression Strength 0,03 MPa
Flash point of cured foam 400  °C
Tensile strength 12,1 (BS 5241)  N/cm2
Compressive strength at 10% deformation 4 (DIN 53421)  N/cm2
Point thermal conductivity 0.03  W/m·K
Sound reduction index RST,w = 60 dB
Temperature resistance -40 °C to +100 °C
Application Temperature 0°C to +30 °C


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