WTO AB(02) / Two-sided window outside tapes with butyl and acrylic stripe

Vapour permeable membrane TOU Outside is dedicated to seal joints between the jamps and the door or window frames from the external side of the partition

Product advantages:

  • permanent outer sealant
  • high elasticity – compensates for joint movement
  • extreme temperature and weather resistant
  • bitumen compatible


  • extra strong adhesive strength.
  • fully covered adhesive.
  • very soft and smooth fleece.
  • four fingerlifts – it is possible to pull off the tape wearing working gloves.
  • application from -10°C.
  • 30 % time saving.
  • high diffusion grade.
  • high tensile strength for easy installation.

Construction of window sealing tapes:

Window sealing tapes are laminates made from two polypropylene non-woven combined with special membrane in the middle. It guarantees a proper amount of Sd coefficient. Sd coefficient determines how thick a layer of air must be, to put the same resistance to vapor as a membrane.
The lower amount of Sd coefficient, the higher vapor-thigness of the membrane. Product has a special acryl glue ribbon, allowing installation to door or window frame, also in unfavorable weather. Ir could be also equipped with butyl glue ribbon, what allows it to stick to the wall. It eliminates necessity of using assembly glue. In our products we are using high quality acryl and butyl butyl glue.
Our window sealing tapes are compatibile with glues, plasters, paints etc. It could be used in places, whereis necessity of using high vapor-thigness products.

Assembly instruction:

1. Preparing the surface:

Window hole should be prepared properly. First of all, window or door hole must be cleaned and primed all over the surface. In case, when wall is rugged, it should be equalized with cement mortar in order to ensure proper glue adhesion.

2. Preparing the window:

Before sticking tapes to window, frame should be degrease. Frame must be dry and clean. Next step is to fit on the window in order to check distances between window and hole corners and proper tapes selection.

3. Sticking tapes to the window:

Window sealing tapec setup should be made in this sequence:
1) Lower window area
2) Sides of window areas
3) Upper window area
Vapor-tight tape (blue) should be sticked to inner side of frame, while vapor-permeable tape (grey) to outer side. After that its possible to install yhe window, stick outside tape to the wall and fill the gap with polyurethane foam. After removing ekscess of polyurethane foam, stick inside tape to the wall. In case of easy Access to window its possible to stick tapes after installing window.

4. Installing the window:

Window installation should be done according to producent reccomendation.

Color EAN Roll length
Grey 4751023403144 25 m
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